Booty Guru
aboutbsTitleAKA the Booty Guru, Rebecca’s signature workout program, Booty Slide®, originated out of her desire to create a quick yet intense and effective total body workout for her celebrity and VIP clients demanding schedules. While the name Booty Slide® may sound silly and the workout may look easy, don’t be fooled Booty Slide is an intense, total body workout that focuses on building long and lean muscles, while improving cardiovascular fitness.

In addition to targeting women`s problem areas: the hips, buns and thighs; here are the main benefits of Booty Slide:

zero impact
core strengthening
cardiovascular fitness (can burn up to 750 calories per session)

body shaping
butt lifting
joint conditioning/rehabilitating
barefoot training

Booty Slide uses principles from Yoga, Pilates, Slide and Barefoot Training as its foundation.

Advanced versions of the workout coming soon on video include Booty Slide Barre, Booty Slide SPIN and Booty Slide+ Kettlebells.