How To Get The Most Out Of Your HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts with Rebecca Kordecki from RK Fit

Ok so you just signed up for Class Pass or a new gym and you want to check out some classes.

You’ve heard that HIIT training is awesome and it’s all the rage so decide to give it a try – but then you freeze – because you’ve also heard it can involve sprinting and doing Burpees and other exercises until you may want to puke (sorry but it’s real) so you hold off another week until you feel you are strong enough or fit enough to make it through the class.  And then another week goes by…and another…

If the above describes your experience — this post is for you!

And if you’re that person who is already doing HIIT classes but wants to get more out of them this post is also for you!

But first what exactly is HIIT training anyhow?

Basically HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and it really can vary in format and program style depending on where you go to take a class but the main thing that usually stays consistent is that it’s timed bursts of movements/exercises done at full out effort with very short breaks in between.
HIIT workouts with Rebecca Kordecki from RK Fit





The result is an elevated heart rate for a longer period of time than your basic weight lifting or steady state cardio session which in turn burns more fat in less time.

Actually, it’s a bit more scientific than that and involves EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and a few other things — but that’s a topic for a different post.

But if you’re dying to learn more right now about why and how HIIT works here’s a great article from

This post is meant to arm you with a few quick tips to make sure you maximize your HIIT workout and get the most out of it. And to remind you that the time is NOW to experience this type of training. Everyone starts where they are at – strength and fitness build in increments! And along the way you just train your body to take it!

But read that one AFTER you finish mine…or give me 50 burpees!

So let’s jump right in and remembering as I mentioned above that the class format will vary from studio to studio – his post focuses on the HIIT class formats that utilize treadmills for sprints combined with floor exercises.

Since I am based in Beverly Hills, California here are the local LA based studios that offer this style — I’m sure there are more but these are the main ones I am most familiar with.

Burn60 Studios Full disclosure – I am partial to this one since I also happen to teach here.

HIIT workouts with Rebecca Kordecki from RK Fit and Burn60 Studios

Burn 60 Studios Brentwood






Here’s my 6 quick tips for crushing every HIIT workout:

1. Know your body and listen to it:

In other words know your limitations – which can vary from day to day. I always remind my class peeps to do a body scan and check in to see if its a “yes day” or a “no day”.

If all pistons are firing and everything feels good to go – that’s a “yes day” and this is the time to push extra hard. If you scan your body and things are a bit achy or you feel a twinge in your knee or your back etc. this is what I call a “no day”.

This doesn’t mean you don’t workout, it just means you modify the high impact exercises and/or hold back a bit so you don’t risk an injury.

This way you still benefit from the gift of movement but you honor your body along the way.

You will still leave feeling better than when you walked through the door; but you walk out rather than limp out.

A side note to that – when having a “no day” and you need to modify the exercises safe bets are pushups (providing you don’t have shoulder issues) or crunches or plank holds – and then join the class again when the next exercise suits what your body is able to do.

The most important thing is to keep moving (unless in plank which requires a more static position)

2. Managing Your Sprints:

Look lets face it – not everybody’s BODY can handle sprints – whether from wear and tear or chronic injuries; but whatever the case may be – I’m here to tell you it’s ok, you can still benefit greatly from this type of HIIT class.

There are so many options on the treadmill. As someone who has a chronic recurring 15 year old hamstring injury – flat sprinting doesn’t always agree with my body so I have come up with some fun and super effective calorie burning alternatives.

The two main things I do to get my heart rate up and burn tons of calories are:

1) grab and hold 3-5 lb dumbbells while walking with your incline somewhere between 8-15% at a speed between 3.0 – 3.8.


2) Do the same runs as the group but on an incline.
For example. If it’s a 30 second flat sprint where you might normally do 10.5 mph – take the incline to 6% and run at 6.0 mph or more.

Trust me – your heart rate will still get very high! This has made all the difference in my treadmill running without re-injuring my hamstring and still feel amazing after every workout. And yes, you still get the endorphin high!

As an aside – some ladies in my classes have asked me “will my thighs get bigger from running or walking on an incline?” The answer is NO!

In all my 20 years as a personal trainer and fitness consultant I have never seen someone’s legs get bigger from doing incline running or walking.

Think about it – how many hikers have big legs? Of all the women (and men) in LA who religiously hike Runyon Canyon day in and out, sometimes twice a day, do you know any with huge muscular thighs from hiking?

Maybe if you ran uphill for hours at a time day after day you would build bigger legs but even then its doubtful as women just don’t produce enough testosterone for it.

But I digress and that’s yet again a whole other article.

And to really put my suggestions to the test, get a heart rate monitor – my favorite is the F4 by Polar ( and see how much your heart rate spikes when you add weights to incline walking and when do your sprints on the incline.

You will be a believer in one session and in return preserve your body for the long haul of enjoying and benefiting from HIIT training classes.

3. Current Injuries or Body Issues:

This is so important – be sure to always tell the teacher if you have any issues so we can look out for you and give you modifications where needed.

Also so that we don’t push you to do more than your body should be doing in that moment. Give us the opportunity to support you wherever you’re at!

Remember fitness should be a fun lifelong endeavor set yourself up for a healthy and happy journey!

4. How Light or Heavy:

When choosing your weights/equipment for class if it’s not clear what the weights will be used for you can always grab two sets a lighter and heavier set – this way you don’t have to break your stride or momentum if during an exercise you realize you’re tired and need to drop weight or conversely, you feel super strong and want to go up in weight on the next set etc.

Proper weight selection will make a huge difference in the class but be patient with yourself as you may not always know what weights you need at first for some exercises even with suggestions from the teacher as everyone’s strength varies.

5. How Many HIIT Classes Per Week:

Well this can be a tricky answer because everybody is different and has different body issues and life stressors etc. but in general if you are that person that pushes all out in every class I suggest no more than 3-4 a week.

If you want to do more than that accept going at a less vigorous effort and be ok with that…or trust me on this – your body will eventually break down physically and/or you will experience training burnout which is a similar mental feeling to a low grade depression or similar just general lethargy.

Both of these are the opposite of what your fitness journey should be about.

When you limit the times per week you do HIIT training you will look forward to it that much more and have more gusto for each class ultimately leading to better results.

Imagine if your favorite dessert, like in my case, anything covered in peanut butter, coconut and bananas were available to you every single night, eventually it would lose its allure and your desire for it would slowly disappear (well maybe)…so remember the old adage — sometimes less is MORE.

NOTE: Of course there will always be that superhuman person who can defy this suggestion and go 6 times a week and never sustain an injury or any mood changes. Hats off to you whoever you are!!

6. Honoring YOU:

Finally, and I think this is the most important thing – remember, it’s not you against the person next to you on the treadmill or the floor because we never know their journey or their background and comparing yourself doesn’t serve you in the highest way possible.

During class – it’s you against you – and I don’t even like to use the word against – as it’s more about YOU in support of YOU – doing more and better every single time.

That’s the true definition of progress. After all “practice makes progress” (thanks @pixopatomus for that mantra)

In each class your goal should be to do the best you can given what your body is capable of on that day.

So as I get ready to end this post I realize there are so many other tips I want to share – but rather than drag on and on just stay tuned for part 2 in the near future.

In the meantime – know that when you walk into your first or your next HIIT class, in my humble opinion, you’re in the right place at the right time as I truly feel HIIT classes are not only the fastest way to get fit, strong and sexy but also the most fun!

So what are you waiting for — walk, run or lunge to your nearest class and get your HIIT on!  And hopefully, one day you will even end up in mine!

And remember Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often…simple really!

To learn more about health and fitness, sign up for classes, or begin a personal training consultation, visit
Rebecca Kordecki RK Fit Booty Slide

Rebecca Kordecki, Creator of Booty Slide® and the owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 18-year career as a personal trainer, fitness expert, fitness model and on camera host. She currently resides in West Hollywood.

12 Habits For Being Unstoppable

Rebecca Kordecki Image


unstoppable rebecca kordecki rk fit booty slide

I know you’re probably thinking “who is  this fitness chick and why should I listen to her – it’s easy for her, she owns a fitness company, has her own fitness product – it’s a no brainer she’s in shape and has been unstoppable in her fitness career. It’s her damn job!”

And that’s where you would be oh so wrong, not on the part about it being my job but on the “it’s easy for her” part. Trust me, nothing could be further from the truth.

There has been nothing easy about how I ended up where I am today (and btw I’m not even close to being finished) compared to where I started.

So as I sat to write this blog on how to Be Unstoppable – I came from my own experience of basically climbing out of what could have and should have been a not so pretty outcome for me given what I started with! Had it not been for these 12 habits I developed to help keep me on track and continuously point me to the end zone – I certainly might not be someone with any credibility to write about this topic today!

Not to be melodramatic but let me set the stage and give you just a little background on this “fitness chick”.

Fade in: A small room in a very rural town in Wisconsin some 20+ years ago…

I look around and all I see are fearful, angry, blank and a few hopeful faces. The walls are an off white – no make that a pale shade of yellow, my butt is already sore from the standard town hall style chair I am sitting on and the air smells of day old burnt coffee mixed with cigarettes – punctuated by various chewing gum flavors.

My heart is beating quickly but not unlike the same rapid beat I am used to after every first line of cocaine I have ever done up until that moment.

The signage at the front of the room reads Welcome To Cocaine Anonymous: Keep Coming Back – It Works If You Work It. Keep It Simple. And so on…

The nicely put together woman leading the group looks in my direction and nods for me to introduce myself. I stand, then sit, then slowly stand again.

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a cocaine addict. I sit. Silent. Embarrassed. Empty.

And with that first uttering of admitting my addiction to cocaine, I began my gradual journey back to being among the “living” because basically for the 6 years prior – day in and day out, sometimes endless days in a row without a healthy meal or more than an hour or two of sleep, I can safely say I was among the “dead”, the “zombie” like, leading a life with only one sole purpose – one sole mission.

That of scoring more cocaine so I could keep my high going. And let me add – it was an impossible mission!

I like to say cocaine stole 6 years of my life – but if I’m being really honest, I gave cocaine those 6 years. And how that happened…well that’s the subject of the book I will write one day but I will do my best to summarize and then nicely thread it all back to the topic at hand of Being Unstoppable!

I suppose in retrospect being a child who grew up in the “system” so to speak, the system – being welfare, social services and foster care on and off until I was 12, I truly never felt that I belonged anywhere or with anyone. I sort of felt like the kid that people “had” to take care of until mommy was better (although mommy never would get better).

My younger brother and I played the “bouncing families” game for a few years and then finally at the age of 12 when the father in the current family we were with took to beating my brother every time he got a little wound up – (which was often – he was a hyperactive child) I couldn’t take it anymore and I called our social worker begging to have us moved to yet another home.

So unfortunately for us at that time in Nashville Tennessee (yep, had the whole southern accent going on for awhile) none of the foster care families wanted two kids – they would gladly take one of us but we wanted to stay together – so calls were made to our non present “dads” (we have different fathers) to step up to the plate.

My brother’s father was his biological dad but my “father figure” happened to be a man whom my mom married after I was born (my bio dad at this time was unknown) and divorced by the time I was 2 years old.

He had stayed in my life to some degree over the years (cards on holidays – a visit every now and then) and while he had no biological ties to me at all – and lucky for me he just wanted to give me some semblance of stability I suppose.

I say lucky for me for two reasons, one being that out of my entire childhood, my time with him was the only time I felt a sense of belonging to some degree and the second reason is he ended up playing a pivotal role in my life by being the person I turned to when I hit rock bottom in my cocaine addiction days.

After spending a few normal years living in a stable home with my adopted family I moved to California and left that stability behind. I was 16 years old and asked my Dad to let me go out to Cali to live with my mom. And since he really wasn’t my biological father I guess he felt he had to say yes.  Probably not the best idea given my mom was still not able to really play the role of mom – in truth, I think she really just never wanted to be a mother.

I lived with her for a few months and then realized my mom and I didn’t get along at all and I moved out at 17, got two jobs to support myself and finished up high school graduating early because the one thing I did have going for myself was I loved to learn and did very well in school.

But unfortunately after graduating I fell in with the wrong crowd and there really was no one steering me in the right direction since my mom really wasn’t a “mom” and my dad had his own family back in Wisconsin to attend to.  That was my reality.

I started my downfall with cocaine around that time and as I mentioned above – it took 6 years for me to hit my bottom. And when I did, boy did I ever!

So hi again, it’s me, the “fitness chick” – now you know one of my secrets I have always been afraid to share publicly – it’s ok when it’s anonymous inside the 4 walls in CA or AA meeting rooms or amongst close friends who you feel won’t judge you – but sharing it with you…the whole darn Internet and cyberspace, that’s a whole other sort of vulnerability – leaving me open to judgment and who knows what else.

The mind is a funny thing – isn’t it? I have created this whole story in my head of what would happen if I ever were to talk about my cocaine using days, the days my boyfriend and I barricaded the doors of our dingy hotel room because we were so paranoid we thought the FBI was coming to get us. YIKES!

Or the day I had an UZI (with a silencer on it) pointed at my temple (like a scene right out of Scarface) because my then roommate owed Columbians dealers over 30K for a kilo.

I can’t even begin to recount the numerous bad and seemingly far fetched but true stories that I lived through during that 6 year period of my life – well I can, but not here – in this article! I really just want to be sure you understand I am not some random “fit chick” espousing cliché mantras that I found on Instagram.

No, I really, truly understand and fully believe in the messages I choose to get behind. They have meaning to me – they can become mantras that can be the force that will lead you onto the right path – the less painful path and the path that can ultimately lead you to a life of success and joy whether relating to your fitness goals and/or career aspirations.

And to be clear, I don’t share my past to get sympathy or pity but simply to illustrate that we all can choose our destiny at any moment in our lives, we can choose how things turn out once we are old enough to have free will (obviously as a child I had no control over where I lived or how I was raised). It comes down to simply making a decision and then committing to that decision.

So today, I don’t look at my past as horrible or sad; rather I am grateful for all of it as it gave me an opportunity to teach myself that I can overcome any circumstances once I decide and commit to do it. It taught me to Be Unstoppable in spite of any odds.

It also led me to my purpose – my mission in life, that of inspiring others! So I say thank you to my past quite often because it shaped me into the person I am today.

Phew! Ok and without any further ado, I shall now get back to the topic of this post and that is Being Unstoppable!

Here are the 12 habits that have been most instrumental in my life in helping me remain unstoppable. Whether it’s a fitness/health goal or a career goal. I hope you find this list useful and will put them into practice ASAP.

1. Passion VS. Payday

Re-examine the thing you have chosen to be unstoppable about. Whether it’s a fitness goal, career goal, personal goal or financial goal. There must be some passion attached to the why you want it part of the equation. Your why is the most important element of your goal and with a strong enough why – the passion usually accompanies it!

Unstoppable rebecca kordecki rk fit booty slide habits








Since the journey to your end goal may be long, choosing something you’re passionate about will ensure you enjoy yourself along the way. When you are doing that thing that lights you up inside the money will follow. The universe will always support a joyful passionate person more often than the person chasing money with zero passion attached.

And finally, don’t pursue the thing you think you SHOULD pursue unless you don’t mind living a life you may one day regret. Find your passion and do everything in your power to set yourself up to live and breathe it every day.

2. Do the work

Basically we all know what it will take to achieve our goal or dream etc. Whether it’s a weight loss goal or a career goal – we know what we have to do and this habit simply refers to showing up and doing the work. Don’t complain about it. Don’t neglect it. Just show up and do it!

3. Choose your “crew” wisely

Who you hang out with matters, if we truly are all energy then the energy you surround yourself with is critical. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who support your goals and dreams and make you want to be a better person. And by all means, dump the duds! Clean house of friends who drain your energy, who are constant B&C’ers aka bitchers and complainers (check out my 3 Bitch Rule Blog here about this topic.

It’s important to know when something needs to shift in your plan. Don’t be so attached to your goal that you can’t see when something isn’t working for you. Be open to the ebb and flow of life as it pertains to your goals and adjust accordingly!

5. Celebrate Your Success

The little successes lead to the bigger ones so don’t discount them and find as many opportunities as you can to celebrate. The vibration of celebrating and being in gratitude will allow that much more success to come towards you. If you are a fan of the Law Of Attraction like me then this habit is MUST. Celebrate the hell out of things no matter how small!

6. Failing is Not Failing It’s Learning

How many times did Thomas Edison “fail” at creating light, the phonograph and the motion picture camera? According to him, 10,000 times – but also according to him those weren’t failures – they were simply 10,000 ways that did not work which ultimately led him to the ones that did! Look at your failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

7. Everyday is a New Day to Start Over

This sort of goes with my mantra of “forgive often” – no matter what happens today – shake that s*&% off and look forward to a chance to rally tomorrow. Each and every new day is an opportunity to be better – do better!  So as the saying goes Carpe Diem!

8. Do 3 Every Day

Every day do at least 3 goal related tasks (preferably more but never less) that further you on your path towards your goal – whether it’s to reach out to 3 new business contacts, or reading an article related to your goal,  doing research on a related subject and writing one blog.  Whatever it is, each day commit to taking 3 action steps towards your goal.

9. Do 3 Every Week

Every week do 3 NEW things. I have found that every time I try something new whether for my mind, body or spirit I am stimulated creatively and intellectually even when I found it was something I may never want to do again. Your brain loves to be stimulated, as does your spirit – in fact, it craves it! Research now shows that we can rewire our brain circuitry through learning new skills especially as we age. Check out this article about how this works.

Surprising yourself with new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone always sparks a reaction internally and this will keep your drive and passion for your goals fresh.

10. Find Mentors or Advisors and Reach Out

I have done this my entire career and it has always proved helpful. While it can be scary and vulnerable to reach out and ask for help or guidance from someone you don’t know – most people are humbled and flattered by the request! I feel it is our human nature for all people to want to help others. It’s usually comes down to whether or not they have time. But it never hurts to ask.

Find some gurus in your field of interest and start a dialogue. Use LinkedIn as a first resource as it is most business friendly.  A second and third option are Twitter and Instagram which can also be a good way to start a conversation. This of course will depend on how large their following is –but it is certainly worth a try.

11. Don’t focus on the Competition

It’s about you and you…no one else! Who cares what everybody else has or is doing – it’s not your job to focus on them, that only steals your precious energy from focusing on YOU. Yes, it’s great to have a competitive spirit – I certainly do, BUT when that competitive spirit takes away from your forward momentum that’s when it needs to be put in check. Stay on YOU!

12. Recharge Your Batteries Frequently

While this one comes at the end of the list it should be at the top because without this habit in place none of the rest are possible – at least not in a fully inspired way. You don’t want to be that person that is extremely talented and passionate yet too burnt out to shine!

Do the things that rejuvenate your spirit and soul as often as you need to. Those things are different for everyone but we all have a short list of what recharges our batteries successfully each and every time. So stay charged up!

And there you have it — my checklist for being unstoppable! My journey has been interesting to say the least but the one thing I have always been able to count on is myself and staying committed to my mission no matter how or where I started!

I hope you find this list helpful on days when you throw your hands up and say, “what’s it all for” or “really, another road block why should I bother”. Just keep – keeping on, letting nothing get in your way and at the very least even just the mere pursuit of your goals and dreams will keep a fire lit inside you.

Please feel free to share any habits you have that help keep you Unstoppable!

PS…a wonderful song to accompany this blog is by Sia (my current favorite artist) and it’s appropriately titled “Unstoppable”. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here 

And remember as I always say: Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.


To learn more about health and fitness, sign up for classes, or begin a personal training consultation, visit
Rebecca Kordecki RK Fit Booty Slide

Rebecca Kordecki, Creator of Booty Slide® and the owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 18-year career as a personal trainer, fitness expert, fitness model and on camera host. She currently resides in West Hollywood.v

Are You Standing on the Fitness Cliff?

It’s that time of the year when you either have or you haven’t…? What am I talking about – well you either HAVE started crushing your New Years fitness goals or you got off to a good start and then somewhere around February 9th (according to a poll done by Gold’s Gym chain) you lost steam…

If you’re the latter this blog is for you. If you are the former – doesn’t hurt to read it in case you lose steam in a month or two!

I was sort of astonished by this date as I always sort of figured people at least stuck with it until around the middle of March! But nope, Gold’s Gym says membership attendance had a steep decline starting in early February!

How can this be? Why? When nothing should be more important to all of us than our health, vitality and quality of life? So I researched the top 5 reasons people fall off the so-called Fitness “cliff”.

Using cliff as an acronym here’s the top 5 reasons.

C – Can’t find the time.
L – Lacking a game plan to keep you going.
I – Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns.
F – Frustrated with a lack of early results.
F – Forgetting why you started.

And to this I will add boredom! Even for those who know what to do and have the time if the routine is too monotonous people tend to lose interest in sticking with it!

If you’re one of those who teetered right over that cliff or on the verge right now check out the 7 tips below to help you get back on and stay on track!

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
If you feel lost as you amble around your gym or even in a group class –ask the teacher or gym staff for a bit of guidance. Trust me, we LOVE to help you, if you will just ask! We want you to succeed and for me personally nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients crushing their goals!

2. Start out small
Don’t go overboard with unrealistic goals – start with small achievable goals and add on as you go this way you’re reinforcing your success.

3. Make it a regular part of your life
Think of exercise as a lifestyle not as a means to an end. But yes, to help motivate you, having short term goals like a fitness challenge or losing weight for an upcoming wedding or class re-union are all excellent fuel for the fire, but you must keep the long term goal in mind.

Fitness is a way of life and does not have an end zone! You’re in it for life!

4. Use the buddy system
This is the perfect way to hold yourself accountable – when have someone else counting on you either a friend or your partner or even your kids, you will be more likely to stay consistent.

Don’t give your self any wiggle room – we are talking about your health here and it matters! So always, always set yourself up for success. And, it’s true everything really is more fun when shared by 2 or more!

And if you are lucky enough to have kids old enough to exercise with you – what a gift for you both. You get to teach them healthy habits while keeping yourself accountable.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track
I always say this; in fact it’s part of my motto – Forgive Often. So, be gentle with yourself if you miss a couple of days at the gym or your eat like crap for a meal or two or even three, just acknowledge your misstep and jump back on track.

Also be sure to praise yourself for the good things you are doing – i.e. eating better in general – giving up late night snacking – bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out.

6. Embrace technology
There are so many cool and fun ways to be supported on your fitness journey these days from apps, to wearables to online workouts. There really are no more excuses for not getting and staying fit.

Here’s some of my favorites in all categories:

Great useful food apps – recipe ideas, calories and macronutrient counts:

Wearable devices for tracking your steps, calorie burn and heart rate:

Great websites for activity tracking, food tracking and community forums:

Excellent streaming daily online workouts:

And finally if all else fails YouTube is an excellent resource for everything from meal prep to how to’s for new workouts and even to get answers to burning questions like “what are the best six pack exercises?”

7. Put it in writing
Write your goals down in black and white! But also attach a date to them – these shouldn’t be just be open-ended goals. Make them finite.

Once written down, print them out and plaster them everywhere – in your bathroom, as your computer screensaver, in your car etc.

8. Keep it fresh to avoid boredom
I say it all the time – MIX IT UP! Take new classes, get outdoors – use nature as your gym – do pushups on a park bench, sprint up stadium stairs, hang a rope or TRX around a tree and hang, climb, pull, press. Get creative!

Download a fitness app with daily workouts and take it to the gym with you. Come to my Burn60 class and get a fun beating☺ ( but whatever you do – DO NOT get complacent about your health and your fitness. Do whatever it takes to keep that spark alive. It matters!

With the above tips in mind, if you just want something simple and basic to get you started – it doesn’t get more basic and simple than this! You can do this indoors or outdoors and all you need is YOU! Treadmill is optional!

1 Minute jacks
1 Minute squats
1-minute pushups
1-minute dips
1 minute Plank

Repeat 3x for 15 minutes of work

Jump on a treadmill OR do the same routine on a track or anywhere outdoors:

Warm up for 2 min
1 minute easy
1-minute medium
1 minute hard
Repeat 3 times
If you are still feeling strong and want more or as you get more fit add the below:

Add 2 sets of
:30 easy
:30 medium
:30 hard

Next up I will be sharing some quick ways to exorcise the kitchen demons — I’ll be talking kitchen makeovers and will share a couple of my go to meals in my next blog.

Till then stay on track and avoid that fitness cliff at all costs!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

The 3 B*%$# Rule & How It Can Help You Win In 2016

The 3 Bitch Rule & How It Can Help You Win In 20163_Bitch_Rule


One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be a little firmer, a little tougher and brutally honest with my clients this year (not that I wasn’t already but it’s just time to take things up a notch☺)! Why?

Because I owe it to them – to give them that extra push, that firm kick in the pants (infused with love of course) and to be the voice of truth to help them reach their goals.

We all need it from time to time – right? I have my peeps I turn to when I know I’m slackin’, when I feel stuck in a rut and when I am just plain bitchin’ and complaining but not doing a darn thing to change whatever I am bitching and complaining about (oh, by the way, from here out this energy draining activity will be referred to as B&C)

Actually the truth is, I used to B&C but then I decided the whole B&C thing was simply a time waster, stall tactic and a family and friend deterrent. I mean come on – who wants to hang out with someone who is constantly B&Cing?

It gets old or worse simply ends up recruiting more B&Cers to play the game with you! Suddenly you find yourself in the B&C club – a whole gaggle of you guys sitting around B&Cing. UGH!

Stop the insanity (I hear Susan Powter yell from stage left. Just in case you don’t remember or know who she is click on her name for a fun trip down memory lane ) and start 2016 off with a no B&C policy and watch how much things shift in your life.

I’m not just referring to your fitness and health here but in every single area of your life. You will gain a new sense of respect for yourself; a freedom from the paralyzing feeling of “spinning” and most importantly you will get SHIT done!

Ps…I don’t normally use profanity in my blogs but as long as we are talking bitching I figure I get a pass for the S word☺

So here’s how it works. The 3 Bitch rule states you get to complain twice about something and those two times are simply acting as an opportunity for you to look at whatever it is you are B&Cing about.

The 3 Bitch Rule

Then decide whether if it’s really something that you are upset over or are you just having a bad day, are you tired, hungry, needing attention etc. If it is none of those and you hear yourself B&C once more about the very same thing – time’s up – you MUST change the thing you are B&Cing about.

Whether it’s your job, your relationship, your diet, your exercise habits, your drinking ETC. Whatever it is, it’s gotta shift! No more slackin’.

The 3 Bitch rule is in effect from that moment forward…get busy and do something about that nagging thorn in your side. It’s as simple as that and really is a winning strategy for the New Year. And one of my favorites.

I started using this about 3 years ago and never hear myself B&C anymore. What a relief it has been – now I just take action on those things that start to become annoying that I want to change.

Try it out and feel free to send me any success stories you have once you start playing by The 3 Bitch Rule.

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

7 Things You Can Do This Holiday Season To Tip The Scale In Your Favor

Holiday Celebration

It goes without saying that from now until January 1st – New Year’s Day (and probably a few weeks after) two of the hottest topics of discussion will be losing weight AND gaining weight during the Holidays.

Along the way, people everywhere will be scouring the Internet for tips and tricks on how to steer clear of the Holiday “10” (just made that up) but come on, we all think about extra weight sneaking up on us after overindulging at all the various Holiday celebrations over the next couple of weeks. So, I thought I would save you some time and compile a short and sweet list of 7 things you can do this Holiday Season to tip the scale in your favor to allow you to spend more time enjoying the Holidays and less time self beating once they have come and gone!

weight loss goals


1. Create a vision board NOW for what your fitness and body image goals are for 2016 so it stays present in your subconscious as you start making your rounds to parties

2. Start upping your workout intensity by 20-30% every session between now and New Year’s Day

3. Add an extra day of cardio and make it a HIIT training session. This means while it is an extra day that you may not feel you have time for, you can get more “bang for your buck” by doing more (high intensity) in less time

4. Make a pact with yourself that you will have either 1 dessert or 1 extra drink but not both at each party you attend. Or only indulge in desserts at every other party not EVERY party

5. Have a healthy meal and at least 16 oz. of water water 1 hour before you attend any Holiday parties so you are less likely to overindulge

6. Find a health conscious fitness buddy to attend Holiday parties with or to just check in with so you have a tag team system in place to keep each other accountable for staying on track during the holidays

7. Finally, if you do overindulge don’t jump ship and think all is lost, as my motto states Forgive Often – dust yourself off and get back on track

With all that said, I still want you to go a little crazy and have tons of fun celebrating over the next month or so, but do it with some boundaries and forethought so that when January 1st rolls around you have a jump start on any new fitness goals you want to pursue for 2016!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

Stop Dieting And Reset Yourself

It’s not everyday that something in the wellness, fitness or diet industry wows me but I have to say that I recently came across an amazing new company whose program can be a game changer and quite possibly your silver bullet when it comes to your diet and health.

I’ve been in the industry long enough now (18 years and counting) that I’ve seen so many fad diets, trendy workouts and shiny fitness gimmicks come and go.

And it’s so refreshing when I discover something that can really make a difference in my clients’ lives!

Diet Struggles






In the past when working with clients there would be situations where no matter how hard a client trained with me and how “clean and lean” their diet was when away from me, their scale and body fat percentage just wouldn’t budge.

We both would be beyond frustrated as we tried different things to tip the scale – often times to no avail.

In many cases it was something wreaking havoc internally that wasn’t easily identified through normal testing procedures or consultations with their doctors, holistic professionals, nutritionists etc.

Enter Reset Yourself – a hair testing analysis company – that not only offers a metabolic blueprint of your body inner workings, but also details what sort of toxic metal overload your body may be struggling with whether Mercury, Copper, Lead, or Aluminum etc.

Reset Yourself Hair Analysis

Additionally, the hair test identifies deficiencies in Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and up to 21 other toxic metals and minerals.

Reset Yourself Hair Test ResultsThe hair test also reveals what type of oxidizer you are; slow, fast or mixed which informs how you “burn” the food you consume and how your body converts that food into energy.

This is ultra important when choosing the type of “diet” (not referring to restrictive eating here – it’s more about a meal planning style) you should be consuming.

You may be thinking “can’t I just take a simple blood test and find all this out?”

Sure, with a blood test you’ll be able to find some of this information but it’s more of a current status snapshot of what’s going on in the body as opposed to the hair test analysis which analyzes information on the cellular level going back as long as 3-6 months.

If you want to learn more about the differences between a hair test and a blood test check this article out

Ok, back to Reset Yourself (  While Reset Yourself did start out as a hair mineral testing and analysis company they’ve evolved into so much more.

Now along with your hair test analysis and consultation you’ll also find wonderful organic beauty products, nutritional supplements, a 21 day cleansing detox plan and something I’m really looking forward to — their new Mindset Program.

Reset Yourself Mindset will offer webinars and programs aimed at taking care of our minds and spirits through breath work, meditation and yoga.

And following the launch of the Reset Yourself Mindset program, they will be releasing something I’m equally excited about, Reset Your Booty, a fitness program that’s low impact, core and booty focused and can be done in 15 to 60 minutes segments each day.

And, yep it’s based on my own signature Booty Slide® workout!

Full disclosure here, I was so thoroughly impressed by everything Reset Yourself and the founders Michele Periquet and Firouze Zeroual are doing that I recently joined the company in the capacity of Fitness & Wellness consultant.

Take a peek at this great video about how the concept for Reset Yourself was born:

Also, here’s my latest Get Lifted Radio show interview with the Reset Yourself ladies!

Simply put it’s never too late to Reset Yourself!

Check them (us) out on Instagram and Twitter at @resetyourself

re·set transitive verb
• to move (something) back to an original place or position
• to set again or anew ~ “Reset the alarm.”
• to change the reading of, often to zero ~ “Reset the odometer.”
to put back in the correct position for healing ~ “Reset a bone.” ~ Reset Yourself!

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Summer Body RKFIT Tips

Summer is finally here!

Hopefully you are feeling fabulous in your summer wardrobe as you take off for your summer vacations, hang pool side or grill out with friends.

But if for whatever reason, you still want to put a few tweaks on your summer body and really own the way you feel in your beach wear, here’s some RKFIT Summer body tips to help out.

Rebecca Kordecki Image

With that said, please note that feeling confident in your SKIN sans summer garb is just as important!

So remember, don’t neglect your internal parts – the spiritual and emotional, that work in concert with your external, physical being.  But that’s a whole other blog (stay tuned for my upcoming spiritual fitness blog)

This blog contains my RKFIT  tips for ensuring you give yourself the extra edge to rock your summer beach body.

Summer Beach Body Confidence Building Tips:

1. Hydrate (this one is the easiest thing on the list to do)

Not only is water essential to so many functions in our bodies, detoxifying, cleansing, lubricating and supporting these functions but it also helps power our cells for much needed energy during summer workouts, sports and activities.

Double up on your water intake – especially when out in the summer heat and when you are being more active than usual.

Add lemon, cucumbers and lime slices to a large pitcher and refill your carry around jug throughout the day!

2. Focus on Core Movements

Add 10! That’s 10 minutes of core specific movements to at least 2-3 workouts a week over the next two months and see how much stronger you feel as you enjoy your fun time.

Either start or end with core OR add a core movement in between each circuit of moves you do. Mix these core movements up – don’t just do planks.

Great core movements can include: trunk rotations with tubing, medicine ball twists, TRX pikes, Swiss Ball crunches etc. Make strengthening your core a priority.

3. Visualize

Start every single work out over the next 2 months with a minute or two of visualization work.

No matter what type of workout – exercise class, strength training at the gym or even before heading out for your morning run.

Visualize the goals that you most want to see come to fruition both short term and long term over the next year.

Whether it’s a physical goal, a mental goal or spiritual goal – give it specific attention right before you enter your workout “zone”.

4. Breathe

Start to pay more attention to your breath – not only during your workouts but in everyday situations as well.

During your workouts – the most typical breathing pattern is inhale when there is less effort or resistance and exhale when you are using force -the exertion part of a movement.

Feeling more relaxed with your breathing pattern in general will make your enhance your workout results, so as they say – just let your breath flow.

And in stressful life situations use the following motto: Let it go – let it flow. The breath truly is the easiest way to get back to calm energy quickly.

5. Break A Habit

Over the next 21-28 days give up one diet pitfall that you know is keeping you from you really, truly rocking your summer body.

Maybe it’s having a midday Frappuccino – or indulging in the bread basket when out to eat or simply raiding the fridg every night before bed.

For the next 21-28 days STOP IT! This amount of time is touted to be the sweet spot for breaking habits.

No baby steps – just dive right in and do it. You can do anything for 28 days.

6. Mindful Digestion

Eat slower. Chew more thoroughly and take smaller bites. Just this tip alone will help in many areas – from your digestion, to your waist measurement and to your overall feeling of satiety.

The slower you eat, the less you eat. Guaranteed! Let your body’s built in hunger mechanism catch up to you.

7. Intensity Matters

If you know anything about my training philosophy and style – you have heard me say this one many times!

Do every set, every rep, and every workout like you mean it. Quality of movement over quantity — all day long! Train like you mean it and I promise you will see a difference!

Put these 7 tips to work asap and you will be feeling more confident with every beach party and backyard barbeque you attend. Go on…rock your body – rock your bikini – rock your spirit! I dare you!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

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Are You Addicted To Spinning?

Addicted to Spinning








Have your friends been giving you a rough time for your die-hard love of spinning?

Do they nudge you that maybe you should add some other workouts into your routine besides Spin?

Have you questioned your own obsession with it?

If you answered yes to the above questions you may be addicted to spinning and before any haters out there give me a hard time about calling out spin addicts – let me start by owning my own S#*&.


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am addicted to Spinning.

So there! Now it’s an even playing field.

Here’s the tell tale signs that you may be or ARE addicted to Spinning: 

*Your entire week’s social calendar and even some work things are wedged in and around your “regular” spin classes.

*You have your favorite studio that you are beyond loyal to and have a list of reasons always at the ready as to why it rocks over less rock star status studios.

*You have your favorite teacher whom you follow on Twitter, Instagram etc. and you find yourself spewing their mantras or quips during the course of each day.

*You have your favorite time slot to spin – which you will pretty much turn down any and all offers for socializing and yes, sometimes even work offers.

*You have your favorite bike which you would also consider throwing a few punches for to ensure your butt sits on that very same bike every class too.

*You pack your spin bag before you pack your work bag.

And finally, the surefire “are you addicted to Spinning” barometer comes down to —–GULP — wait for it — scheduling your class time!

Whether it’s noon on Monday (yes I have a SoulCycle Alarm on my iPhone – if you’re a #SoulCycle fan you must get the App (



or just 24 hours before on your favorite studio’s website — you’re pretty much in half crazed mode during the 3 minutes before the schedule opens up and the 1-minute while you try to beat every other half crazed spin addict to the schedule to book your bikes.

And then there is the 3 minutes of elation after you’ve secured your favorite teacher at your favorite studio in your favorite time slot on your — hell yes, favorite bike!

There may even be a little “I booked it” jig that goes on! Not pointing any fingers – just sayin’.

If after reading the above – you found yourself nodding your head “yep, that’s me” or chuckling a bit – then you’ve been bitten by the Spin Bug!

And why not, the benefits are incredible. Not to mention the endorphin release you get –all without any pounding to the joints or body.

But to be clear, that doesn’t mean that too much of a good thing doesn’t have some of it’s own issues, such as neck pain or back/knee pain from incorrect bike set up or shoddy form.

Or simply the lack of development of total body strength by omitting other important aspects of exercise, i.e. lifting weights, engaging in closed chain movements and core specific workouts.

Which is why I say “everything in moderation” OR if you just have to get your “spin” on 4-5 days a week – please be sure you are also incorporating full body functional resistance training.

Or check out my Booty Slide App for a great total body workout to do at home or the gym.  Check it out at

Booty Slide App

Booty Slide App

Or hire a personal trainer to work with you once or twice a week to balance out your training.  Before you do be sure to check out my previous blog post about what to look for in a good personal trainer

If you are looking for other fun group classes or just are on a budget check out this great new app called Class Pass!

For $99 a month you can try any class up to 3 times a month at any studio that is on the Class Pass program.  Check it out here. I signed up for 3 months and absolutely LOVE IT!

It’s a great way to try other fabulous classes and a great way to ensure you keep your Spin addiction in check.

Remember, I am right there with you — so I am always trying other ways to get my “fit” on! Whether it’s hiking, lifting, sprinting or boxing – our bodies need variety — many sources of movement.

So go ahead keep getting your “spin” on, but remember to mix it up!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often


Just K.I.S.S. It To Get Your Summer Beach Body

Summer Beach Body Diet

Summer is only 8-10 weeks away but who’s counting! Meeeee! So if you are like me, you may have started thinking ok – time to tighten up and tone up to get my summer beach body rockin’.

Then this is the perfect blog to take a few minutes to read (warning in advance: it is a longer than usual blog – well, sorry, I have lots to say on the subject of getting your summer beach body!)

I titled this blog Just KISS It – because when it comes down to it – truly, if we just Keep It Simple Sexy (bet you were thinking I was going to use the word Stupid…grrrrr…no way because if you start following these tips you will be feeling super sexy in short order!) So let’s get to it:

I am jumping right in with these must do tips:

Meal Planning and Meal Preparation

Summer Beach Body

Healthy Diet Choices







Over the years my clients have had plenty of reasons (aka excuses) why they just couldn’t get into the whole ‘healthy eating’ thing.

They would say things like “I can only eat so many salads” or “what about my sauces and condiments – I need my flavor” or my favorite “it’s impossible to eat healthy when dining out”.

Of course I always was able to educate them to see the light…eventually!

And I hope this blog will help do the same for you. Trust me, I do get it, food is family, food is social, food is celebratory and most of all food is essential!

But food can also be good for you, nutritious and satisfying while being all of those other things as well!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to boring and it’s not rocket science.

It just takes being mindful of the quality of the food you eat as well as learning to prepare food in healthier ways.

I truly believe to reach your goal weight or to maintain it, you don’t have to weigh your food and count calories.

What you do need to do is eliminate the crappy – zero quality, processed and sugar loaded foods from your diet.

It comes down to learning proper portion size for your body’s daily maintenance.

Because each person’s daily calorie intake varies and is based on their weight loss goals, activity level, weight, height, age and gender,  this blog isn’t about how many calories per day you should eat but more about concepts to keep in mind while you begin cleaning up your diet.

The key is in learning how to tune yourself into the right diet “channel” for lifelong health and fitness.

Yes, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, but when you’re eating foods with optimal nutritional value (i.e. whole foods, fresh foods) and eliminating junk foods, processed foods and inflammatory foods (if you need to) you’re setting yourself up for success.

My biggest tip:

Stop buying into the idea that in order to lose weight you must be on a “diet”.

There is a reason why 90% of all diet plans fail:

1. They are too restrictive.

2. They assume you always have the time and the ability to adhere to calorie counting and the exact foods on the list

3. They often include foods you don’t like but must eat in order to “succeed” on the diet.

4. Most diets are set up as a temporary fix – not a lifestyle plan.

I want you to start thinking in terms of your diet as a noun NOT a verb. You are not dieting – instead you have a HEALTHY DIET.

A diet that supports you in your daily activity, a diet that gives you energy to be more creative, to spend more active time with your family, to want to start a new exercise routine and/or to learn a new hobby or sport.

Your diet should be the healthy fuel that keeps your “engine” running at high performance levels at all times.

Best Diet Tips For A Healthy Body and Getting Your Summer Beach Body

1. Take in these three key macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fat at each meal

They all are necessary – you want to include a bit of each at every meal to help your body function at its highest level!

2. Find a macronutrient ratio that your body feels and functions best on.

I can’t recommend a one size fits all macronutrient ratio, but a commonly accepted plan that works for many people is the popular 40-30-30 Plan know as the Zone Diet. (40% Carbs 30% Proteins 30% Fats).

Others find they need more carbohydrates and less fat, while bodybuilders are closer to a 55% Protein 25% Carbs 20% Fats ratio.

3. Understand portion sizes and learn calorie counts for the foods you eat on a regular basis.

A fantastic tool that I have my clients use to help them understand and track foods is called My Fitness Pal. You can download it here

Create your own profile and plug in the necessary info once you sign up and it will give you a daily calorie goal (again just a reference).

Do not get sucked into living by the calorie count. also configures how many carbs/proteins and fats you should consume which is a generic one size fits all ratio.

Remember it is simply meant to be a reference and you should adjust it accordingly based on how you feel.
I want you to understand and get a sense of calories in foods but not to be a slave to the numbers.

Eventually your body will reset and you will be able to have a good idea of how much to eat on any given day to keep you in the zone!

4. Focus on eating more greens, more whole foods, lean proteins and healthy fats. Be sure you have kicked the foods below to the curb:

Processed food, fried foods and packaged/frozen foods
Sugar – white/refined, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners
White flour – bread, cakes, muffins, bagels, croissants
Dairy (Substitute unsweetened Almond or Coconut milk)

5. Stop eating just before you feel full
Trust me this is how you will teach your body to regulate itself and you will start to have more energy because you aren’t overloading your digestive system at every meal anymore.

6. Allow your metabolism to get back on track
Stop dieting and I promise it will happen. Remember it’s about conscious eating, fueling the body with high performance nutrients – not garbage!

7. Use this portion size guide from when preparing your plate.

This is a really GREAT guide to help you get a handle on what typical portion sizes look like.

8. Restock your kitchen with whole, fresh foods
Here’s my  RK FIT approved shopping list: 

Use this as a guide when looking for the best choices at the grocery store.

The foods on this list are some of the best quality food choices to give you a “clean” and varied diet along with ample amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The list is grouped by nutrient sources – keep in mind that some foods overlap into more than one category.

In addition to your regular store, if you don’t already shop at or Whole Foods (only for specific hard to find items – otherwise I feel they are overpriced) check them out, as they carry many choices of health conscious foods and condiments.

As a side note: For years, I simply told clients “just shop the outer perimeter of your store and your shopping cart will be healthier. “

It’s true, most of the “evils” in the store are down the sugar laden, processed and fake food aisles.

I really believe that if you did nothing else to change your diet habits but avoided buying foods in the aisles you would be on your way to a lighter, healthier version of you!

9. Prepare your meals in advance

I can’t say enough about this habit. If you truly want to get the monkey off your back when it comes to food you need to start doing this.

Most people will say they don’t have the time – but I disagree. It’s about making the time. So suck it up and find some time!

My golden hours for this seem to always be on Sundays and while you’re at it – make it family affair – have the kids help out – or come up with fun recipes to try as a couple, etc. Make it an event.

To get you started, check me out in my kitchen with this short video on exactly how easy it is to start prepping food in advance.

10. Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bed

This one seriously works. Try it just one or two nights and see the results yourself.

You will wake feeling lighter and you’ll notice the difference in your waistline.

Give yourself every advantage and every edge you can to live a more balanced and energized life.

After all food is our fuel. Fuel your body right!

Speaking of fuel, you’re going to need it because in my next blog we are turning up the heat.

I’ll be sharing my tips and secrets for maximizing your workouts and choosing the best overall total body workouts.

Final note: Be sure to consult with your doctor or nutritionist should you have special needs where your food is concerned or require a certain ratio of protein to carbs and fats based on any pre-existing conditions.

And remember if you just do each of these a little more than yesterday it’s a WIN!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.


Optimal Health with Ahlea Khadro | Get Lifted Radio

GE T  L I F T E D!

Listen in to my new radio show called Get Lifted where my guests and I discuss all things fitness, diet and healthy living.

My guest on 11/20/14 was Ahlea Khadro, the co-author along with Louise Hay and Heather Dane, of the new book  Loving Yourself To Great Health!

Ahlea is the founder and owner of Soulstice, a Center for Optimal Living & Rehabilitation through yoga, reformer Pilates, meditative practices, and nutrition.

She specializes in: visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, holistic and nutritional support, emotional release techniques, and electromagnetic field (EMF) remediation.

In my Interview with Ahlea we covered everything from Pilates, Yoga, Neti Pots to Ayurveda.  We also discussed the new book Loving Yourself To Great Health.


As always, remember Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.