Rebecca Kordecki

Rebecca Kordecki, Creator of Booty Slide® and the owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 18-year career as a personal trainer, fitness expert, fitness model and on camera host. She has had a hand in shaping up some of Hollywood’s finest celebrities and athletes including the timeless beauty Raquel Welch, Hunter Tylo, Scott Wolf, Tom Arnold, Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson, Oliver Stone, Rick Fox and the world famous polo player Nacho Figueras along with his entire Blackwatch Polo team.

Rebecca and her signature workout Booty Slide®, have appeared on The Today Show, Extra, Hollywood Heat. She has been featured in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, Glamour, Hamptons, In Style, Shape, TimeOut NY and Daily Candy. Currently based in Beverly Hills California, Rebecca works with clients in both Los Angeles and still maintains a presence with clients on the East Coast. While living full time in NYC and the Hamptons, she was voted the Best of the Best Personal Trainer among that community for three years in a row.

As a Ms. Galaxy Title holder and Tri-Fitness finalist, Rebecca has been active in the industry as not only a fitness competitor, but as a Health Consultant, Fitness Ambassador, and most recently as a Speaker for Women’s Conventions, Youth programs, Corporate Events and more.

Whether you’re looking for one on one personal training, group exercise or corporate wellness programs, let Rebecca’s knowledge and expertise be your secret weapon for getting into your best shape ever, mind, body and spirit!
Fun Fact About Rebecca: Rebecca grew up on an 80-acre farm in Bristol Wisconsin, where her daily chores involved collecting eggs from the Chicken coop and helping bale hay in the summers.


Rebecca’s focus with her clients has always been on functional training, long before functional, “core training“ was all the rage. She believes that creating a strong yet fit body is the key. Big muscles may look good, but they don’t have the flexibility and functionality for lifting a heavy bag off the ground, carrying a baby on your hip or enjoying a weekend game of tennis without injury. With this in mind, Rebecca’s workouts are a blend of many modalities, from strength exercises, Core moves, balance drills to interval training. Every session moves her clients closer to their desired look and feel for a well-rounded functional and fit body.


Over the past 18 years, Rebecca has studied diet and nutrition and it’s effects on our bodies and energy levels as well as its role in disease prevention. With the right combination of condiments, spices and a bit of practice, it’s easy to make healthy foods taste as good as gourmet! Fascinated by the power of food, Rebecca loves to share her knowledge of healthy eating with her clients. Rebecca offers nutrition and diet coaching along with tips on cooking and proper meal planning.


Boot Camps are a fun alternative to training indoors and allow clients to take advantage of the all the wonderful things in our environment. We always find a way to capitalize on what’s around us in our boot camps. We use benches for pushups, dips, step ups, hills for lunging and/or sprinting, wide open grass patches for various drills using cones, medicine balls and fitness games. If you have a group you would like Rebecca to create a specialized boot camp for email us for more information. Available only in the Southern California areas of Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills and Malibu areas.

Sample Activities:
 HIIT/ Metabolic
Training/ Core and Strength Exercises
/ Medicine Ball/ Kettlebell Exercises/ Sport Drills
/ Maximum Fat Blasting Cardio


Rebecca offers fitness camps and workshops for kids and families that include fun games, activities and cooking classes; all geared toward educating through activity. For example, “Pin the Tail on the Healthy Meal” is one of the games Rebecca created for younger kids to help them learn to select healthy and nutritious foods. Each fitness camp ends with “Circle Chat” where the children can ask health-related questions and get to share stories about how food and exercise affects their lives. Rebecca loves using games and interactive teaching to increase awareness about health and exercise for kids and their families.


Working with Corporations was a natural progression for Rebecca, as she believes that most behaviors children learn start in the home. By educating and inspiring the parents to adopt healthy behaviors this will ultimately create positive messages about food and exercise in the home. While fighting the obesity epidemic as a nation won’t happen overnight, Rebecca is committed to being a force for change in this area one client/one corporation at a time. The statistics below make a great case for why every company in the U.S. should have some sort of fitness/wellness program in place, whether it is in house or off site.

Among children ages 2-19, about 1 in 3 are overweight and obese. Among adults 20 and older, 149.3 million are overweight or obese.

Rebecca offers onsite Corporate Wellness Programs in both NYC and Los Angeles. While each corporate wellness program will vary according to budget, goals, time frame and the community culture; they will all combine elements in the following areas:

Fitness Programs – On or Off Site
Diet and Nutrition Coaching
Relaxation and Stress Relief Techniques such as Yoga and Meditation
RK FIT also offers Corporate Retreats focusing on Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Relief and Soul Rejuvenation!


For the past 12 years Rebecca has been a highly sought after licensed Massage Therapist known for her “strong, yet healing hands”. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish Massage, Rebecca describes her style as a blend of modalities but is guided by each client’s individual needs.

RRK FIT also offers Chair Massage to the Studios and offices in and around Beverly Hills.

Email for more information regarding rates and availability.