Boot Camps are a fun alternative to training indoors and allow clients to take advantage of the all the wonderful things in our environment. We always find a way to capitalize on what’s around us in our boot camps. We use benches for pushups, dips, step ups, hills for lunging and/or sprinting, wide open grass patches for various drills using cones, medicine balls and fitness games. Available only in the Southern California areas of Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills and Malibu areas. If you have a group you would like Rebecca to create a specialized boot camp for email us at

bootcamp1Sample Activities
HIIT/Metabolic Training Drills
Core Exercises
Footwork/Agility Drills
Boxing and Jump Rope Drills
Medicine Ball Exercises
Sports Drills
and much more!

Come Get Your FIT On:


Always show up ready to work hard but pay attention to any limitations or injuries you may have and listen for modifications for exercises. It is always ok to modify but try to keep your body moving.No negativity allowed! This is to be a positive and supportive environment where you push yourself to go beyond your comfort zones.
Always back off if you feel severe or sharp pain in any joint (knees, shoulders, elbow) or your low back area.Bring water, a large towel or Yoga mat and a pair of weight lifting gloves (suggested but not mandatory)

You must sign our waiver in order to participate.