Below are some of Rebecca’s past clients.

  • Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch

    The ever stunning Raquel Welch. Rebecca worked
    with Raquel over a 12+ year period.

  • Scott Wolf

    Scott Wolf

    Rebecca worked with Scott to condition him and strengthen his ankles for his favorite sport Street Hockey!

  • Nacho Figueras

    Nacho Figueras

    Rebecca trained Nacho and his entire Blackwatch Polo team for several seasons in the Hamptons.

  • Hunter Tylo

    Hunter Tylo

    Rebecca worked with the longtime star of the Bold and Beautiful for several years. Hunter trained like an animal and it showed. Her physique is fantastic.

  • Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone

    One of Rebecca’s first celebrity clients. A brilliant, eccentric man.

  • Rick Fox

    Rick Fox

    Rebecca worked with this former Laker while his regular trainer was out of town. Rick always pushes himself and was fun to train.

  • The Rock

    The Rock

    Rebecca worked with The Rock as his massage therapist. Despite his Wrestling background – he is a gentle giant and very humble.